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Putting together a free conference for the apparel industry has been an endless journey in to the unknown. Not the least of which was creating and maintaining an online presence.

Luis presented our message with great function and design and a no stress ease to all the maintenance and upkeep.

Pete Hill


A white label

Before the Re-Design

ApparelCamp did their first (Successful) event on 2016, as a free inclusive apparel event that happens every year in Vancouver,BC. Organizing an event that attracts sponsors, speakers, volunteers at a 150 to 200 attendees per event is a struggle on its own.

Luis & the Typow team approached the founders of ApparelCamp and offered to donate their time and skills to do the work of maintaining the events website up-to-date.

The Website at the moment was informational and using standard WordPress technology.


Wait... There is no "About Us" Page?

Yup, even that is based in what your target audience needs.

Iteration in the fast lane

At Typow, We know that "Great design attracts people" we are naturally wired to admire great design. So we jumped to support ApparelCamp with a brand new website also.

The deadline was tight, within one week, the ApparelCamp team had a brand new website to show to the world!

Listen to your customers with Typow Media Website Design

The outcome of the Re-Design?

The re-design paid off extremely well!

After the complete SEO analysis and strategy, the ApparelCamp website can be found on the first page of three major search engines, and we continue the maintenance of backlinks for it to continue that way.

Tailoring the message to 4 different audiences was not easy, but once you start identifying patterns and similarities, the path becomes clearer and your message can be communicated better. (Of course, we help you with this)

According to the organizations founders, getting sponsorship was a breeze, all they had to do is send an email with the link to the website and it will explain everything that they need to know.

Even more, after the re-branding, they needed to limit the sponsorship they got since they reached their limit! Congratulations ApparelCamp Team!

Who said that the About Us is mandatory?

We are not saying that you should get rid of your About Us page. It's still important.

However, it's not mandatory, in fact, nothing is mandatory. What was great for one company, could be chaotic for another one.

For example, we have our own about us page, and when we quickly realized that ApparelCamp didn't needed one.

Here is ApparelCamp's version of an About Us:

About us alternatives

This can be your success story too

Let us know what's on your mind, and we will make it happen!