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Designing my e-store was the best decision we've ever made! And Typow Media did an outstanding job personalizing it for my brides.

Since the website was launched, we have tripled our sales, now I sell my art even when I am sleeping!


Guest List by Jeniffer

Before the Design

Guest List by Jeniffer Started operations in October 2016, and while the business was growing using pure events exhibitions, social media and word of mouth, there was something still missing.

Jeniffer Inquired us about crafting a pure corporate website where she could explain people what she did and for people to contact her.

So our journey started along with her to craft the perfect website just for us to realize that what she was looking for, was not exactly what she was needing. And after some consultations and guidance, we agreed to try an e-commerce website.



Our Answer: It takes courage and data analysis.

Understanding the Target Audience

If you are thinking: "Anyone with money is my customer", you are correct, but also.. There are more layers involved into the understanding of a Target Audience.

For Guest List, we took the time to understand the three different audiences that Jeniffer had on her business.

  • Brides (and grooms, but mostly brides) who are planning their wedding 1 year before the big date. They want everything personalized from the theme of the wedding to the color of their chairs.
  • Sweet Sixteens who want to set their expectations to the party and are looking for the least typical invitations, something that makes their invitees talk about them.
  • (The Surprise audience) Wedding Planners that are looking for another professional who can give the highest level of customer service to their appreciated couples.

Having an understanding of who the main audiences are, helped us stay focus on crafting a really functional website for Jeniffer and her business.

Listen to your customers with Typow Media Website Design

About the multiple sales factor

It's a numbers game: the more people knows about your business, the more people talks about your business.

And that means: The more potential customers you can get.

Having the target audience is key, once we are in the first consultation, you will hear us talk about "User Personas", on Jeniffer's success story, this meant that we targeted her message towards one Bride, one Sweet Sixteen and one Wedding Planner. This has a far greater impact than trying to reach all your potential customers at once.

Statistics backs the success!, since the launch of the website on February 2017, Guest List by Jeniffer has received 24,602 visitors (Quite impressive!).

Statistics of Visitors per day Guest List by Jeniffer

Not your typical Contact Us

Imagine this:

You enter into your favorite store and you are ready to personalize and buy, only to find a sign in the counter that says "Thank you for your interest, please leave your contact information and a sale representative will contact you shortly". - This is exactly what happens with contact us forms in a store.

Having an intense customer service background, this is exactly the type of problems we know will lower your sales numbers. And this was the first addressed issue with Jeniffer

We paired Jeniffer with the power of instant message! Which means that from her website anybody can instantly message with her to her phone, ask the right questions and get immediate customer service excellence. And for Jeniffer, this means more sales and more happy customers!

Instant Messaging from your website

This can be your success story too

Let us know what's on your mind, and we will make it happen!