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Custom Solutions

Every project is unique. Whether you are looking for a website or a more complex web app, we can build it for you.

Content Creation

All content we create is unique and tailored to your audience.

Recurrent Backups

All your information is recoverable at any moment with personalized recurrent backups.

Security Inside

We take privacy protection and information security seriously. We offer 128-bit encryption for all web apps that handle sensitive information such as credit cards and private user information.

Maintenance and Cloud Updates

Regular maintenance that ensures your business always have the latest technology and serves your customers faster.

Super Awesome team!

Have at your disposal a team of product driven professionals, designers, and developers for every need.

What you can expect, step by step.

1- Start with an Interview

We sit down with you, to better understand:

  • The problem that a website (or webapp) can help you solve.
  • Your target audience (User Personas).
  • Tone of voice to better communicate with your target audience.
  • How to better show your work to the world.

All this also helps us understand the scope of the project so we can quote and give you the best price.

2- A quick overall design

With the information from our first interview, we do an overall design.

This design is intended to be used by your User Personas as target audience.

During this design, you will get a better idea of what resonates better with your target audience. For example: How they can (or cannot) react to certain information, buttons, links, resources. We gather the feedback and goback to the drawing board. At this phase, we also craft and upload a "Coming soon" or "Maintenance mode" page.

You are in the driver's seat at all times. We are your auto-pilot. 🙂

2.1- Legal Research and Protection

We don't just design, we make sure you are covered. As part of the overall design, we scrutinize the internet for potential licensing breach.

Pieces of content from the internet cannot just be copy and pasted, and we do extensive research prior to publishing any piece of content. Among the information we examine are:

  • Image Licenses.
  • Piece of content and quotes.
  • Code Patents.
  • Web API's and their legal bindings.

Rest assured that anything published on your website from our end is covered or free to share. For more information on ilegal bindings on the internet, you can read this post:

Content Licensing on internet.

2.2- Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Optimization, Readability

Let's make sure your work is discoverable by the world.

We make sure that your website can be immediately indexed by most Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. And that your website doesn't breach any rule that can be penalized.

3- Let's trim it a little bit

Time to check that everything is working properly!

Because hitting a 404 page is like running into a glass door that was supposed to be open.

This is the perfect time to show a teaser to your audience.

4- We finish and publish your new design

Once you are satisfied with the design, its time to GO LIVE!

Wait... it doesn't stop there.

This is just the beginning, because now we can manage and make sure that your website is properly indexed to search engines, and that you are discoverable by the world!

Our Customers

A huge Thank you note to the customers that have been with us from the start and continue being with us. Every conversation and feedback we receive help us improve our service.

What Our Customers Say..

It's amazing how having my own online store helped me triple my business revenue, thank you to Luis and the Typow team!

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Jeniffer Umanzor

Founder and Main Designer | Guest List by Jeniffer

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